Retail sales. The structure of retail trade turnover in March 2021 by 47.5% consisted of the consumption of food products, including beverages, and tobacco products. The non-food sector climbed to 52.5%. Since March 2020, "food" has lost its position by almost 1%, then the ratio was 48.4% and 51.6%.

Let's see how much food was consumed in Russia (food products, including drinks, and tobacco) in the first quarter of this year. In just 3 months, residents of the country ate 4.136 trillion rubles. In January - by 1,347.4 billion rubles. or 65 billion rubles. more than in January 2020 In comparison with the pre-New Year December 2020, the food market has traditionally fallen by 23-24%.

In February, the market collapsed 10 billion rubles to 1,337.6 billion rubles. This differs from February 2020: then the market, on the contrary, grew by 1 billion rubles. But in March, the market woke up and gave a swing to 1,451.3 billion rubles, ahead of February by 114 yards. This correlates with the market dynamics in March last year, when the market showed wild growth of 11%.

As a result of the March jump, in comparison with the first quarter of 2020, this year the analyzed food market grew by 181 billion rubles. The people are getting richer, tables are bursting. @agrorisk

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