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13% more wine produced by plants in Russia in March 2021

We look at the production of drinks. The beverage industry production index in March 2021 compared to March last year amounted to 108.5%, in the first quarter of 2021 - 108.8%.

Vodka in March was bottled 6.1 million decaliters or 122 million bottles of half a liter (Russian "pol-litra"). The wineries produced 2.6 million decaliters or 26 million liter packs. The breweries dispensed 67.2 million decalitres or 448 million "poltorashka"-s in Russian, 3 such bottles per capita for one Russian citizen of all ages. Drinking water (without flavoring and sugar-containing substances) produced 781 million decaliters, soft drinks - 73 million deciliters.

By March of the pandemic year, the maximum growth was shown by the wine and vodka business, with an increase of 13.9% and 13.4%, respectively. Beer lags behind by 2 times, has grown only by 6.4%. Water production showed a decline of 8%, while non-alcoholic beverages rose by almost 10%.

Regarding the dynamics of March, by February of this year, all drinks showed a significant increase: the least of all was in wine by 16.7%, most of all in non-alcoholic beverages - 27.2%. #Vodka, #beer and #water rose by an average of 17%.

If we compare the 1st quarter between 2021/2020, then the champion was wine, which gave an increase of 22%, but the Russians drank less water by 4%. @agrorisk

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