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Price index for vegetables, fruits and alcohol in Russia. In March 2021, due to a decrease in prices for cucumbers - by 25.2%, tomatoes - by 7.4%, oranges - by 3.0%, fruits and vegetables, on average, became cheaper by 1.7% compared to February. However, by March 2020, prices increased by 11.9%.

At the same time, prices for carrots (+ 14.8%), potatoes (+ 13.4%), beets (+ 11.2%), onions (+ 7.5%), white cabbage (+6, 7%) and grapes (+ 3.8%).

The lowest rise in prices is for alcoholic beverages. In March 2021 to February, it was only 0.5%, and in a couple of the first quarter of 2021/2020. showed the most modest increase among all food products, only 2.6%. @agrorisk

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