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Issue No. 8 (12), 2016

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Ugurchiev I.A.
Problems of applying environmental payments

Ismail Adsalamovich Ugurchiev - Master's student, Department of Management, Faculty of Economics, Russian State Agricultural University named after K.A. Timiryazeva, Moscow, Russia.



Environmental payments are an obligatory element of the federal and territorial budgets of the Russian Federation. In this regard, the author tried to systematize and generalize the directions of improving the tools and methods of environmental policy, to propose ways to increase the efficiency of the mechanism of payments for the negative impact on the environment. Conclusions are presented on the need to improve institutional environmental structures, to scientifically substantiate the rates of pollution charges, and to introduce incentive instruments for the economic environmental mechanism.


Environmental protection; environmental payments; payment for negative impact on the environment; state environmental policy.

Bibliographic address

Ugurchiev I.A. Problems of using environmental payments // Risk management in the agro-industrial complex. 2016. No. 8, pp. 37-40. URL: [access date: DD.MM.YYYY]. ISSN 2413-6573.

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