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Issue No. 3-4, 2015

Application of the drug "Symbiont-3" on greenhouse cucumbers

Tarazanova Tatiana Vasilievna

Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Agronomic, Biological Chemistry and Radiology and Belarusian Railways, Faculty of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology, Department of Population, Russian State Agricultural University named after K.A. Timiryazeva, Moscow, Russia


The results of studies on the study of the influence of the drug Symbiont - 3 on the development of seedlings, yield and quality of green cucumber greens are presented. Mathematical planning of experiments was carried out and the coefficients of regressions of the influence of the studied factors and their combined effect on the development of cucumber seedlings were calculated. The effect of the drug on the yield of cucumber and the content of nitrates in green plants was studied.


Greenhouse cucumber, growth promoter; mineral fertilizers, catalase activity, yield, nitrates.

Bibliographic address

Tarazanova T.V. Application of the drug "Symbiont-3" on greenhouse cucumbers // Risk management in the agro-industrial complex. 2015. No. 3-4. S. 35-50. URL: [access date: 00.00.0000]. ISSN 2413-6573

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