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According to Kommersant, software import substitution projects that could be co-financed by the government include the introduction of livestock management programs and the development of a pig phone. The projects were presented by the Rusagro group and structures of the Damate holding.

The Ministry of Agriculture believes that the implementation of projects will increase the competitiveness of livestock products. Companies claim that they have been switching to domestic solutions for several years, but they are still “not mature enough”.

Companies are counting on co-financing of developments through grants: Rusagro is asking for 12.5 million rubles. (with a total project cost of 50 million rubles), Tyumen Dairy Farms - 192 million rubles. (out of 240 million rubles). Both projects, according to Kommersant, were approved by the relevant working group.

"Svinofon" is a figurative name for mobile applications for accounting for operations with animals. It is proposed to allocate funds for the Pulse.CSS service of Smart Technologies Invest. Rusagro expects that other industry enterprises will become consumers of the development: the Cherkizovo, Agroeco groups, the Siberian Agrarian Group, Velikoluksky agro-industrial holding. The project is planned to be completed by August 2023, but the Smart Technologies Invest website has already posted the presentation “Pulse.CSS” @agrorisk

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