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The USDA will allocate US$ 981 million to create new and better market opportunities and expand basic services for rural populations, businesses and entrepreneurs in 47 states, Guam and the Virgin Islands. For example, in the Alabama Region, the Water Management Department of West Dallas will receive a loan in the amount of 268 thousand US dollars and a grant in the amount of 788 thousand US dollars as part of the Loan Guarantee Program for Wastewater Disposal and Waste Disposal to improve the water supply system of utilities. These improvements will provide clean and modern water supply to 69 homes and 1 church, eliminating homeowners' dependence on individual wells - USDA

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3 new food container safety standards

The Main State Administration of the People's Republic of China for Market Control and Regulation has introduced 3 new national standards for the safety of food containers in order to strengthen the m

Reduction of agricultural potential

For 20 years, France has moved from 2nd to 5th place among the world's exporters of agricultural products. The September report of the French Senate states a decline in France's agricultural potential

Parranda Beer

In the special economic development zone "Mariel" in Cuba, a new brand of Parranda beer for the local market is presented, it will be produced at a new brewery. The CEO of the joint Cuban-Dutch enterp


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