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Salary in the agro-industrial complex. The average monthly gross salary of agricultural workers in February 2021 amounted to 31,949 rubles or 62% of the national average for all industries. Compared to the corresponding period of 2020, wages in the agro-industrial complex increased by 6.9%.

Specifically for the agro-industrial complex: the average salary in crop and livestock farms was 29,037 rubles, at food production enterprises - 36,639 rubles, in the production of beverages a little less - 44,354 rubles.

In the production of chemical products and substances (in our case, producers of agrochemistry), in comparison with foodstuffs, they pay 20 thousand rubles more or 56 671 rubles. in the production of agricultural machinery and equipment - 48,283 rubles.

The absolute record holder for wages in the agro-industrial complex is the production of tobacco products. Here salaries reach the level of oil workers and amount to 132,611 rubles or or 4.5 times more than in agriculture. @agrorisk

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