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Agriculture supply. The rubber and plastic products industry provides farms, from agricultural holdings to individual entrepreneurs, with pneumatic tires and tires for agricultural machines. If the tractor driver is fired by artificial intelligence, the combine will still not go far without a tire.

The index of production of rubber and plastic products in March 2021 compared to March 2020 increased significantly and amounted to 111.5%. In general, over the past first quarter, the index grew on an average monthly basis by 10% per month. Compared to last year, the quarterly index grew by 110.3%.

In total, in March, tires and pneumatic tires for agricultural machinery in Russia were produced 157 thousand pieces. It is possible to change the footwear of almost 40 thousand vehicles (if we consider the production program of the factories as 4-wheeled tractors). The dynamics compared to March last year is modest, the increase was 0.2%. By February 2021, the industry showed a more confident result, an increase of 18.4%.

Compared to the first quarter of 2020, the quarterly result of this year is moderate: the production index of agricultural tires was 101.9%. Tires are like second legs: trample - do not plow. @agrorisk

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