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The production of canned fish fell by 25%

Analysis of food production. @agrorisk studied the food production index in March 2021. Compared to March last year, the index was 100.9%, in the first quarter of 2021 - 99.2%.

Cattle meat and other livestock produced 254 thousand tons in March, poultry meat and by-products - 398 thousand tons, sausages - 193 thousand tons, frozen fish - 281 thousand tons. In March, fruit and vegetable juices were poured in 126 million conventional cans - compared to March last, this means a sharp jump in production, an increase of 54%. At the same time, canned fish dipped by 25% compared to March 2020, a total of 47.1 million cans were produced this March.

Also among the outsiders of production when comparing March of this year with the previous one: producers of pasta (-13%), cereals (-12%), flour (-18%), margarine (-4%), vegetable oils (-5%), meat canned food (-23%).

On the crest of the wave: semi-finished meat products (+ 9%), vegetables with mushrooms (+ 9%), processed potatoes (also + 9%). Fluctuations in the dynamics of the production of other food products remained near zero.

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