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Manufacture of leather and leather products in Russia. The index of production of leather and leather goods (includes suitcases, handbags, shoes) in the pair June 2021/2020. amounted to 113.7%. In the June / May 2021 pair, the leather index came out of the minus peak of 18% and remained at a height of 108.1%. In a couple, I half of 2021/2020 the index was 113.0%.

In total, in June 2021, skin from whole skins of cattle (without hair) in Russia was produced 119 against 90.2 million square meters. decameter in May. Leather from whole hides - 30.3 versus 16.5 sq. dm.

In the June / May 2021 pair, the manufacturing industry regained momentum. The skinning index reached 130.5% for whole skins and 183.6% for non-whole skins.

However, in a couple June 2021/2020. the index for whole skins increased slightly - by 0.2%, for non-whole skins the situation is more elegant - an increase of 19.6%. @agrorisk

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