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Livestock of agricultural animals in Russia. At the end of May 2022, the number of cattle in farms of all categories of agricultural producers amounted to 18.3 million heads against 18.8 million heads, than in May 2021 Minus half a million heads or -2.6%.

The dairy herd in the May YoY pair counted 7.8 million heads against 8.0, the index decreased by 1.7%. That is, from 130 to 200 thousand cows were eliminated. However, in the May/ April 2022 pair, the herd grew by 0.5%.

The number of pigs in May amounted to 27.6 million heads compared to 27.0 million heads a year ago. The increase was 2.3%. In the May/April 2022 pair, the livestock increased by 1.2% or by about 400 thousand heads.

The dynamics of the number of sheep and goats are similar. In May, 22.8 million heads were observed in the herd, compared to 23.3 million head of MRC a year ago. The loss was 2.1% or almost 0.5 million heads. And since April 2022, the herd has increased by 2.4%.

In the hands of the population in May remained as a percentage (2022/2021) of the livestock in all categories of farms:

  • cattle 39.9 against 40.6 or 0.5% less

  • pigs 8.1 vs 9.4 or 1.3% in the negative

  • sheep and goats 44.6 vs. 45.9 or 1.3% less.

It should be noted that Rosstat in 2022 shows a different structure of livestock in LPH than in the publication of 2021, in percentages: cattle - 40.5, pigs - 9.2, MPC - 45.6.

In agricultural organizations (without SMP) that have eaten off the share of private farms, the following dynamics was recorded in the May 2022/2021 pair, in percent:

  • the number of cattle decreased by 1.9 vs. 1.8, of which cows decreased by 1.0 vs. 1.0

  • sheep and goats decreased by 2.9 vs. 14.9

  • the number of pigs increased by 3.9 against 2.0

  • birds - by 0.4 vs 0.8 @agrorisk

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