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Price index for cereals, sunflower oil, dairy and meat products in Russia. In March 2021, the price of sunflower oil increased by 1.2%, while in 23 regions - by 0.1-0.9%, in 25 regions - by 1.0-1.9%, in 16

regions - by 2.0-4.1%, in 3 regions - by 4.2-13.0%. In 3 regions, prices have not changed. At the same time, in 13 regions, sunflower oil fell by 0.1-0.9%, in 2 regions - by 1.0-2.7%.

Mayonnaise prices increased by 2.5%. Live and chilled fish, salted, pickled, smoked fish, domestic salmon caviar, frozen squid, peas and beans, margarine, canned fruit and berries for baby food went up by 1.6-1.9%.

Also, boiled sausages, sausages, wieners, frozen uncut fish, salted herring, buckwheat and semolina cereals, Hercules oatmeal, wheat flour, gingerbread, natural instant coffee, natural canned fish and with the addition of butter, curd cheeses glazed with chocolate, fruit juices, hamburgers.

The prices fell: millet - by 0.8% and honey - by 0.2%. @agrorisk

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