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Consumer price index in Russia in May 2021. By April 2021, the May price index was 100.74%, by May 2020 - 106.02%. Since the beginning of the year - 103.48%

Prices are growing (by May 2020): for cereals and legumes - by 8.26%, meat and poultry in general - by 10.92%, for chilled chickens - by 19.65%.

Prices for sunflower oil (by May 2020) increased by 28%, for chicken eggs - by 28% as well (although by April 2021 they decreased by 7%).

In the nomination growth leader (by May 2020), granulated sugar wins by a margin: prices increased by 41.54%.

Also in May, prices for table beets grew - 35.3%, fresh white cabbage - 25.2%, carrots - 18.8%, potatoes - 15.4%, lemons - 12.8%, onions - 11, 3%, grapes - 4.2%.

There was also a decrease in prices: tomatoes - by 8.3%, cucumbers - by 7.9%, bananas - by 1.3%, garlic - by 0.3%, fresh mushrooms - by 0.2%. Millet prices decreased by 0.4%. @agrorisk

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