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Consumer price index in Russia. In July 2021 compared to June 2021, the consumer price index was 100.31%, compared to December 2020 - 104.51% (in July 2020 - 100.35%, compared to December 2019 year - 102.99%).

In July, a significant impact on the dynamics of prices was made by the reduction in prices for fruit and vegetable products. So, potatoes fell in price by 20.3%, cucumbers - by 19.5%, tomatoes - by 17.9%, beets - by 16.6%, onions - by 8.1%, bananas - by 5.7%, carrots - by 4.6%. At the same time, prices for white cabbage increased by 10.8%, garlic - by 2.8%, dried fruits - by 1.2%, apples and oranges - by 0.9%.

Prices for carrots in 23 constituent entities of the Russian Federation decreased by 0.1-9.9%, in 10 constituent entities - by 10.0-19.9%, in 7 constituent entities - by 20.0-41.6%. In 25 regions, carrot prices increased by 0.1-9.9%, in 12 regions - by 10.0-19.9%, in 8 regions - by 20.0-78.4%.

Chicken eggs on average in Russia fell by 2.2%, while in 36 constituent entities of the Russian Federation - by 0.1-3.9%, in 16 constituent entities - by 4.0-6.9%, in 13 constituent entities - by 7.0-14.6%. In the Republic of Bashkortostan, prices have not changed. In 8 regions, egg prices increased by 0.1-0.9%, in 11 regions - by 1.0-6.9%.

Among other food products, prices fell: fruit juices - by 0.5%, olive oil - by 0.3%, lamb (except for boneless meat), frozen shrimps, coffee beans or ground coffee - by 0.2%, millet, tea, beer - by 0.1%.

Prices for granulated sugar on average in Russia increased by 0.5%, including in 22 constituent entities of the Russian Federation - by 0.1-0.9%, in 15 constituent entities - by 1.0-1.9%, in 8 subjects - by 2.0-7.3%. In 12 subjects, prices have not changed. In 28 subjects, prices for granulated sugar decreased by 0.1-2.8%.

The increase in prices for sunflower oil on average in Russia amounted to 0.4%, including in 38 constituent entities of the Russian Federation - 0.1-0.9%, in 17 constituent entities - 1.0-3.9%. In 11 regions, prices have not changed. In 19 subjects, prices for sunflower oil decreased by 0.1-3.1%.

Among other food products, prices went up: live and chilled fish - by 2.1%, beef liver, salmon caviar, mayonnaise - by 1.4-1.8%; canned meat for baby food and fish in tomato sauce, chicken legs, salted, marinated, smoked fish, processed cheeses, buckwheat groats, fat cottage cheese, ice cream, soft sweets glazed with chocolate, cookies, muffins, rolls, dry soups in packages - on 1.0-1.3%. @agrorisk

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