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Production of drinks in Russia. Steam Beverage Index May 2021/2020 amounted to 105.7%, in the January-May 2021 pair - 106.9%.

Vodka was bottled in May 6 million dL versus 6.3 in April or -6 million bottles of half a liter each.

Wine wineries produced 2.5 million decaliters against 2.9 a month earlier, or -8 million bottles of wine.

Breweries bottled 77.9 million decaliters against 69.4 in April or +113 million cans of beer. Every Russian, not counting children, plus one can.

Drinking water (without flavoring and sugar-containing substances) produced 979 million decaliters against 889 in April (an increase of 90 million decaliters), soft drinks - 95.6 million decaliters against 87 (an increase of 8.6 million deciliters).

Paired May 2021/2020 the largest growth was shown by the industry of soft drinks and drinking water with an increase of 28.2% and 34.6%, respectively. Beer production decreased by 0.5% versus the period, winemakers reduced output by 8.4%, vodka kings sustained an increase of + 0.2%. @agrorisk

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