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Consumer price index in Russia. For the period from July 27 to August 2, 2021, the index amounted to 99.94%, from the beginning of August - 99.98%, from the beginning of the year - 104.53%.

For the week from July 27 to August 2, 2021, prices increased: for cookies - by 0.6%, sterilized milk and salt - by 0.4%, beef, pork, pasta and noodles - by 0.3%, cheeses rennet, dry milk mixtures for baby food, bread and bakery products from wheat flour of grades 1 and 2 - by 0.2%, mutton, butter, margarine, pasteurized milk, canned vegetables and fruit and berries for baby food, wheat flour, rye bread, buckwheat groats and lunches in a canteen, cafe, snack bar (except for a canteen in an organization) - by 0.1%.

On average in Russia, prices for sunflower oil increased by 0.1%, for granulated sugar - by 0.1%, for chicken meat they did not change. Chicken eggs fell 1.0%.

Harvesting continues to reduce prices: carrots - by 11.3%, cucumbers - by 5.3%, tomatoes - by 7.0%, potatoes - by 6.4%, onions - by 0.7%, apples - by 0.5%.

Prices decreased: for fat cottage cheese and chocolate sweets - by 0.3%, vodka - by 0.2%, frozen fish, sausages, sausages, small sausages, canned meat for baby food, sour cream, black tea, millet - by 0.1 %. @ agrorisk

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