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Showed a rocket. The skin production industry added 33%

Production of leather and leather products. The skin production index and leather products (includes suitcases, ladies' bags, shoes) in March 2021 compared with March 2020 amounted to 102.8%. In pairs January 2021/2020. The index failed at 11.1% (up to 88.9%), in February scored weight + 2%. However, in general, in a pair of Q2 2021/2020. The index still turned out to be negative and amounted to -5%.

In total, in March 2021, the skin from the whole skins of cattle (without hair cover) in Russia, it turned out 144 million square decamera, and the skin of the neurochy skins - 42.9 square meters. dm. For comparison: in the amount of this volume, the skins can be 1.5 times to cover all the arable land of Mordovia (1 million hectares).

In dynamics by March 2020, the skin production industry increased sharply: + 19.8% increase in the whole skins, + 13.9% for nease. By February, 2021 the industry and at all showed the "rocket": + 36.7% and 27.8%, respectively (33% on average). In pair I quarter 2021/2020. The skin came out in a plus: + 4.3%. @agrorisk.

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