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Digitalization. The federal government, represented by Chairman Mikhail Mishustin, approved a strategic direction in the field of digital transformation of the agro-industrial complex and public utilities until 2030. The authors of the decree identified 11 technologies that will be introduced during the implementation of the strategic direction.

Without much novelty, the list included modeling and forecasting, digital twins, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, UAVs, unmanned agricultural. equipment and robotics, remote sensing, satellite communication and positioning systems, big data, sensors and beacons with a satellite data transmission channel, as well as technology for accounting for fishing activities (for equipping fishing vessels).

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To assess the quality of transformation, it is proposed to use 24 metrics. So, for example, by 2030, such a metric as the number of industry indicators for which data is collected on a single digital platform should reach 100,000. Of course, one cannot do without a big date and its validation. @agrorisk

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