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Issue No. 2 (6), February 2016

The effectiveness of the development of the grain industry in the region

Ibiev Gani Zakayevich

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Economics and Cooperation, Faculty of Economics, RSAU-Moscow Agricultural Academy named after K.A. Timiryazeva, Moscow, Russia.

Phone: +7 (499) 976-0835.

The article is devoted to one of the main problems of agricultural production - the effective development of regional grain production. The state of grain farming in the region and its importance for the agricultural economy are considered.


Grain-producing region of the country, agricultural production, efficient development, grain production, regional grain farming, grain wedge, efficiency, intensification.

Bibliographic address

Ibiev G.Z. Efficiency of development of the grain industry in the region // Risk management in the agro-industrial complex. 2016. No. 2. S. 23-31. URL: [access date: 00.00.0000]. ISSN 2413-6573

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